How EcoEthos Solutions can help you (and your organization).


Eco – Belonging to a community in which organisms and their environment are interdependent and interrelated. An ecological approach applied to an organizational setting emphasizes that people and processes that make up an organization are interdependent and interrelated.

Ethos – The guiding principles and core beliefs of a person, group or organization. Within an organization, these principles define the character and behavior around which it will not compromise.

EcoEthos Solutions – A company founded on the belief that leaders and their teams can work together in ways that powerfully reflect an interdependent, interrelated, and effective system.


EcoEthos Solutions provides guidance and support to help you, your teams, and your organization engage in more participatory and strategic thinking, leading and action.

One-on-One Coaching

  • Leadership Development – We help you embody and strengthen your ability to be a more strategic, effective and purposeful leader.
  • Operationalize a more collaborative culture – Our clients recognize that relying on traditional approaches of top-down charismatic leadership are insufficient to impact sustainable organizational change. We provide guidance and tools to help you and your teams thrive.

Professional Development Training

  • Leadership – We train you and your teams in best-practices for participatory leadership.
  • Organizational Culture – We train your teams to have a shared framework, language and tools to create a healthy, thriving and more productive culture, including enhancing your:
    • Meeting Culture – develop more effective approaches for more joyful and productive meetings.
    • Complex Problem Scoping – master your best strategic thinking prior to engaging in any project or initiative.
    • Stakeholder Engagement – identify and involve the diverse constituents involved in and impacted by any complex initiative.
    • Team Culture – develop governance culture practices so that teams can self-manage, self-charter, make decisions, mediate conflict, give and receive constructive feedback.
    • And More! – More trainings are being developed monthly. Stay tuned!
  • Design Thinking – train your teams to solve organizational challenges through human-centered, empathy-driven approaches, based upon Stanford approaches.

Facilitation. We can help your teams make better use of:

  • Meetings - to catalyze higher productivity, engagement, collaboration and strategic outcomes.
  • Problem Scoping – to understand and identify organizational challenges prior to engaging in action.
  • Team Formation – to charter strong, cohesive and collaborative leadership teams.