S. Mark’s Episcopal School (Houston, TX)

St Mark’s is a private PreK – 8 independent day school located in Houston, TX. We helped teach and coach its senior administrative leadership team to:

  • More strategically and collaboratively engage in complex problem solving.
  • Design and facilitate collaborative staff meetings.
  • Fully engage diverse internal stakeholders in school-wide initiatives.
  • Lead and work more collaboratively to develop a more mission-centered leadership team.

St. Marks

“We are individually and collectively better as a result of Joanne Chu’s thoughtful guidance.”

- Garhett Wagers, Headmaster, St. Mark’s Episcopal School, Houston, TXRead full quote here.

Atlanta International School (Atlanta, GA)

AIS is an independent, non-profit PreK – 12 international day school located in Atlanta, GA. We helped teach and coach its senior administrative leadership team and its key functional non-academic teams to:

  • Strategically and collaboratively engage in institutional and departmental-level problem solving.
  • Engage in more strategic action.
  • Design, facilitate and participate in more collaborative and productive staff meetings.
  • More effectively engage and communicate with diverse stakeholders in school-wide initiatives.
  • Lead more inclusively to better align its leadership and action with its strategic plan.


“Joanne has been instrumental in modeling and teaching our leadership team to create a more inclusive, effective and explicitly collaborative school culture.”

- Shelley Paul, Head of Research and Learning Design,
Atlanta International School, Atlanta, GA
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The Children’s School (Atlanta)

TCS is a private PreK – 6 independent day school located in Atlanta, GA. We guided its senior administrative leadership team to:

  • Collaboratively identify and articulate key administrative challenges and initiatives
    to develop a more cohesive leadership team.


Wesleyan College (Macon, GA)

Wesleyan College is a 4-year liberal arts college for women located in Macon, GA. We provided guidance to its sustainability program and leadership to:

  • Clarify strategic sustainability plans and goals across all departments: Academic Affairs, Dining, Auxiliary Services, Facilities & Operations, Residential Life, Student Life, Institutional Advancement.
  • Broaden stakeholder engagement with sustainability initiatives.
  • Engage faculty to integrate sustainability mindsets and real-world problem solving across the curriculum.

Wesleyan College

“Joanne came to us with the idea of combining design thinking with sustainability as a pedagogical framework to teach students the critical skills of creative problem solving, empathy, practical applications of knowledge, and higher level critical thinking.”

- Matt Martin, Dean of the Faculty, Wesleyan College, Macon, GA
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Woodward Academy (College Park, GA)

Woodward Academy in College Park, GA is the largest independent day school in the United States. We provided training, guidance, facilitation and coaching to many functional groups within the Academy to:

  • Clarify the school’s sustainability vision and strategic goals.
  • Deepen institutional commitment to sustainability across all functional departments of the Academy: Academic Affairs, Dining, Facilities & Operations, Transportation, Information Technology.
  • Integrate its non-academic and academic efforts with the curriculum across all K-12 grades.
  • Teach and guide academic leaders throughout the Academy to think, act and work more strategically and collaboratively.

Woodward Academy

“Joanne’s coaching has helped me, my teams, and several key school initiatives build expertise in solving complex institutional challenges collaboratively and effectively.”

- Marcia P Spiller, Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs,
Woodward Academy, College Park, GARead full quote here.

Georgia Perimeter College (Atlanta, GA)

Georgia Perimeter College, located in Metro Atlanta, was the largest public 2-year institution in the University System of Georgia (25,000+ students across 5 separate campuses across the Metro Atlanta region). We engaged a broad coalition of faculty, staff and administrators to:

  • Collaboratively create a 21-point integrated strategic plan for sustainability.
  • Bring together diverse voices from multiple departments across the institution to identify and prioritize its sustainability program: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Human Resources, Facilities, Operations, Institutional Planning, Institutional Advancement and Communications.

“Dr. Chu helped catalyze our vision and mission for developing the first sustainability program for any community college in Georgia.”

- Anthony Tricoli, Former President Georgia Perimeter College,
Clarkston, GA
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Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (Atlanta, GA)

SEEA is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, GA. Its mission is to advance energy efficiency initiatives and policy across multiple stakeholder groups throughout the nine states that make up the Southeast Region of the United States. We have provided guidance, training and one-on-one coaching to SEEA’s leadership and staff. We’ve helped:

  • Develop the mindsets and skills of staff to catalyze SEEA’s development into an exemplary collaborative organization.
  • Provide guidance toward the development of a self-sustaining and collaborative leadership core team.
  • Provide one-on-one coaching to director-level staff to increase their confidence and ability to operationalize collaborative leadership skills.

“Joanne is a competent, dependable, and benevolent leader. She has brought incredible value and strength to our organization.”

- Mandy Mahoney,
President, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, Atlanta, GA
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Georgia Organics (Atlanta, GA)

Georgia Organics is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, GA. Its mission is to connect and organize organic food movement stakeholders across the entire state of Georgia to promote a sustainable local food system. We have provided training to Georgia Organics to:

  • Improve the ability of staff to design, engage and facilitate more collaborative and effective meetings.
  • Develop a shared language and framework of collaboration for food movement leaders across the state of Georgia.

Ultragenyx (Novato, CA)

Ultragenyx is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to bringing to market products for the treatment of rare and ultra-rare diseases, with a focus on serious, debilitating genetic diseases. Founded in 2010 and based in Novato, CA, the company has rapidly built a diverse portfolio of products. We’ve provided training to Ultragenyx Clinical Operations staff to:

  • Develop a shared language and framework for collaboration.
  • Increase group problem solving strategy and skills.
  • Improve the ability of staff to design, engage and facilitate more collaborative and effective meetings.

“Joanne designs workshops that balance her engaging teaching with hands-on practice, which ensure that the concepts stick.”

- Sascha Ellers, Sr. Director Clinical Operations,
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc., Novato, CA
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University of Connecticut Health Center (Storrs, CT)

The Department of Community Medicine, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at University of Connecticut Health Science Center is a basic science research department. The Health Center’s faculty conduct research in social, behavioral and public health science. We have been working with the faculty to help improve health and safety outcomes through better leveraging worker occupational safety and health committees. We have provided guidance to help researchers:

  • Provide best practice in collaborative meeting design, engagement and facilitation to health and safety committees.

UConn Health Center

“Dr. Chu has provided my team and me with much needed expertise and guidance. She has increased our collaborative skills and helped us to work more efficiently and produce better work.”

- Dr. Jennifer M. Cavallari
Assistant Professor, Community Medicine and Health Care
University of Connecticut Health Center, Storrs, CT
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Micron Technology, Inc. (Boise, ID)

Micron Technology is a global semi-conductor device manufacturing company based in Boise, ID. It employs 35,000 people across 18 countries. We provided support and mentorship to leaders across several departments to:

  • Develop a shared language and framework for collaboration.
  • Increase group problem solving strategy and skills.
  • Improve the ability of staff to design, engage and facilitate more collaborative and effective meetings.
  • Strategize ways to promote collaboration more broadly and sustainably across the organization.

Micron Technology

“Joanne’s empathic coaching, expert facilitation, and strategic thinking are a masterful combination.”

- Shannon Rush-Call, Director, Global Organizational Effectiveness,
Micron Technology, Inc., Boise, ID
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