LEED? Who Cares? Part 3 – Sustainability 101

After Principal Chris Freer introduced the project to the students, I could see interested but confused looks. No one had ever asked them to work on a project like this before. How is this algebra? I began to ask them whether they had ever heard of LEED before. They hadn’t. Have they ever heard of sustainability? Some had, but like most audiences I have spoken to – none of them could define what it meant. Read More »

LEED? Who Cares? Part 2 – Developing the Project

So, what were we going to do? What did we want to accomplish?

There are plenty of existing examples of K-12 curriculum that have been developed to teach nature and environmental literacy. But there are far fewer examples of how we could teach literacy for our built environment. After all, if we spend over 90% of our day within buildings, shouldn’t we possess some literacy about them? As a school, we wanted to explore how we might put our buildings and grounds to better use to teach sustainability literacy, or stated differently, how we could use the “campus as a living laboratory?” Read More »