“Joanne has coached me personally and my senior administration team collectively. I was looking to develop a team whose members feel empowered to own their authority. She challenges me to see myself more honestly, asking me to hear my ideas and my words from the perspective of others. Joanne has helped us to develop shared language and a common approach to identify situations we are hoping to change. She has helped me help the members of the team to have increased agency around their specific roles as well as their interdependent role as stewards of our organizational mission.We are individually and collectively better as a result of Joanne Chu’s thoughtful guidance.”- Garhett Wagers, Headmaster,
St. Mark’s Episcopal School, Houston, TX



“Since 2012, Joanne Chu has been a coach, mentor and trusted thought partner. She has helped me rethink the ways K-12 schools approach everything from daily procedures to strategic planning, from classroom learning to change leadership. Joanne has been instrumental in modeling and teaching our leadership team to create a more inclusive, effective and explicitly collaborative school culture. Joanne’s work has helped us envision how to scale collaborative leadership, mindsets and practices across every level of our organization as we shape young people’s futures. Whether it is through coaching, training or facilitation, Joanne is able to expertly guide any leader or team to clearly define, design and execute complex work that results in outcomes that are purposeful, mission-aligned and highly strategic. I recommend her unequivocally.”- Shelley Paul, Head of Research and Learning Design,
Atlanta International School, Atlanta, GA



“Working with Dr. Chu was been a great pleasure for us at Wesleyan College. Joanne was a true partner as we worked together to redesign our first-year seminar required of all our first-year traditional students. Joanne came to us with the idea of combining design thinking with sustainability as a pedagogical framework to teach students the critical skills of creative problem solving, empathy, practical applications of knowledge, and higher level critical thinking. She also brought a lot of practical resources, ideas, and energy to implement these ideas. Joanne introduced our faculty or students to sustainability as an academic mindset; she helped our faculty experience how design thinking works. She’s a poised presenter, a skilled facilitator, and a great colleague. We always knew we could rely on Joanne to help solve a problem, to bring a positive attitude when our energy was flagging, and to make working together fun. I’d love to be able to work with her again.”- Matt Martin, Dean of the Faculty,
Wesleyan College, Macon, GA



“Joanne has served in many different capacities for us. She has been a coach, mentor, colleague and consultant for many individuals of my academic staff at Woodward Academy. She has consistently modeled and taught how you “walk the talk” of collaborative leadership. Her input has been spot-on for what my teams have needed to grow and develop into a more collaborative culture. Her insights are compassionate and kind as well as strategic. She understands the culture and challenges of independent K-12 schools and meets us where we are. Her coaching has helped me, my teams, and several key school initiatives build expertise in solving complex institutional challenges collaboratively and effectively. Personally, I can say that her work has enhanced my own collaboration and organizational skills in ways that have resulted in maximum efficiency and effectiveness. I unhesitatingly endorse her for any and all of her organizational offerings.”- Marcia P Spiller, Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs,
Woodward Academy, College Park, GA



“Dr. Chu helped catalyze our vision and mission for developing the first sustainability program for any community college in Georgia. She showed great skill and leadership to help us collaboratively develop shared vision and goals for sustainability and demonstrated how interdependent our departments were to achieve success. Her collaborative leadership approach is proof that the silos of an academic institution can be bridged to form a stronger, more unified academy. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Joanne. She would be an asset to any organization.”- Anthony Tricoli, Former President,
Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, GA



“Joanne is a competent, dependable, and benevolent leader. She has brought incredible value and strength to our organization. My colleagues and I rely on her insights and guidance for continuing to shape and evolve our organization. She brings joy, passion, and heart to all of her work. She provides a source of strength for all those she serves.”- Mandy Mahoney, President,
Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, Atlanta, GA



“Joanne understands that the key skills for success in modern business are influence, strategy, and relationship in the service of execution of results. Through her expertise in the Collaborative Operating System and design thinking, Joanne pulls leaders to excel by helping them develop these competencies. With an open collaborative approach Joanne models the behaviors she teaches. Joanne designs workshops that balance her engaging teaching with hands-on practice, which ensure that the concepts stick. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Joanne and am a more strategic and influential leader from my time spent with her.”- Sascha Ellers, Sr. Director Clinical Operations,
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc, Novato, CA



“Dr. Chu has provided my team and me with much needed expertise and guidance. She has increased our collaborative skills and helped us to work more efficiently and to produce better work. Joanne has also been a key collaborator in helping us better provide collaboration skills and training to the worker populations we serve. Joanne delivers collaborative leadership principles in a way that that is accessible to wide array of audiences. She is as skilled working with a team of academics as she is with with teams of blue collar workers. I’ve enjoyed having Joanne as a member of my team and look forward to future projects!”- Dr. Jennifer M. Cavallari, Assistant Professor,
Community Medicine and Health Care
Univeristy of Connecticut Health Center, Storrs, CT



“Joanne was my fellow collaborator through one of the most complex and challenging pieces of work in my career. With her expert facilitation and coaching, she helped me reach a new level of clarity about the problem-at-hand for my team, as well as the most strategic path forward. As a result of my work with Joanne, our team was able to see and feel their shared experience, engage in our most honest dialogue to date, and begin to more effectively team. Joanne’s empathic coaching, expert facilitation, and strategic thinking are a masterful combination.”- Shannon Rush-Call, Director, Global Organizational Effectiveness,
Micron Technology, Inc., Boise ID